beer-bgPublic relation is a vital practice to stay current and relevant in your target audience’s mind.

Bar Synergy Group can conduct surveys, write articles, and create press releases to make sure your bar stays current and up-to-date.

Press Release

Press releases are very important tools for announcing important developments in your business. Typical press release topics include announcing  new management, revealing a new product offering, or a change of business name.

Bar Synergy Group can create this content specifically for your bar’s target market and ensure that it is delivered in the most effective manner.

Copy Writing

Effective communication can be the difference between a good month and a record-breaking month for a business.

When you need something written, proofread, or augmented – turn to the wordsmiths at Bar Synergy Group. Our copy writers write specifically for the bar and restaurant industry and are able to adapt any message to any medium!

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