beer-bgRunning a successful restaurant or bar is a culmination of several efforts. You need solid management, a reliable staff, and excellent food and drink selection. Having to balance all that, your Marketing efforts may take a back seat. Let us take that burden off your plate. Bar Synergy Group has the expertise and ability to act as your entire Marketing department. Contact us today to get started!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the quickest way to connect with your patrons and target market. Through your Facebook profile you can advertise and invite your friends to upcoming events. Through Twitter you can post daily specials and announce new menu items. Through Pintrest and Instagram you are able to share exclusive drink recipes and tantalizing¬†pictures of your culinary creations! Bar Synergy Group can manage all these social media Marketing campaigns… and more!

Local Listing Marketing

As a brick and mortar establishment, spending valuable resources and effort to gain a presence on the worldwide web is an enormous waste. Luckily, local search marketing has been greatly emphasized in the latest Google search algorithms. Bar Synergy Group has an in-depth understanding of these latest local search strategies and can help you carve out a niche in the local search market.

Event Marketing

One of the most effective ways to get the word out about your bar or restaurant is to host promotional events. However, planning for a marketing event can be a daunting task. Let us take the pain and hassle out of event planing and marketing so you can concentrate solely on making the experience memorable and awesome!

HotSpot Marketing

Like most people today, your customers are going to want to be connected to the internet at all time. Why not offer HotSpot high speed internet access while simultaneously delivering your marketing messages.

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