Bar & Restaurant Branding

beer-bgBranding and brand identity is vital to the recognition of your bar or restaurant.

At Bar Synergy  Group, we pride ourselves on being able to manage all aspects of branding whether digital or tangible.

Explore our many specialties you can utilize to facilitate your branding strategy.

Logo Design

Your logo is your identity. It’s a visual representation of who you are what you do.

Our graphics experts can work with you to ensure that you have the perfect logo for your bar. We can provide several mockups for you approval and will provide you with a high quality version of your logo that you can print in any capacity.

Digital Branding

Since our graphic design is digitally based, it is simple for Bar Synergy Group to implement anything we design for you on your website, mobile app, social media pages, and any other internet presence you have.

We will make sure your branding is congruent – whether online or offline!

Graphic Design

Let us handle all of your graphic needs. We can layout your menus, specific menu item logos, directional signage around your bar, and so much more.

As with everything we design, you will receive preliminary mockups and printable files for future projects.

Photography & Video Production

Bar Synergy Group can produce high definition videos and photography to compliment your branding.

These services include commercial production, digital photo galleries or portfolios, photography to be used in your bar or restaurant, and so much more!


Signage is extremely important to have around your bar and restaurant. Customers need to know where your bathrooms are, where outdoor seating is, and where emergency exits are.

Customers appreciate vivid and obvious signs that Bar Synergy Group can design to fit your brand identity!

Web Design

We can completely design your website around your defined brand identity.

Don’t be limited by the general template constraints of the big name “web designers”. Let out tested team of web developers create a custom web design with your brand in mind.

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