beer-bgYour bar can have the best drink selection, coolest atmosphere, and great food – if nobody knows you exist it won’t matter! You’ve done all the hard work to make sure your bar or restaurant is awesome – let us get the word out!

Bar Synergy Group specializes in several advertising mediums to ensure your marketing message is received by the most potential patrons possible. We can handle any or all of your Internet, Print, Social Media, Radio, Television, or Outdoor Advertising campaigns. Contact us today to get started!

Internet Advertising

Fully Customized Modern Website Creation

EVERYBODY is online these days. If you don’t have a website, you don’t have credibility. If you have a basic or outdated website, you have bad credibility.

We can craft a modern, attractive, and user-friendly website that captures your bar’s image and message effectively and that you will be proud to show off!

Radio Advertising

Reach listeners

Expand your advertising to reach with an effective radio spot.

Ideal for ongoing promotions, real time specials, or to highlight a new menu item – radio is a great outlet to quickly connect with listeners in your area.

Bar Synergy Group will tailor an advertising spot for your desired message specifically for the radio medium. Make sure you get the most out of your advertising budget!

Print Advertising

Magazines, Postcards, Menus, Catalogs, ect...

Despite what you may have heard, print advertising is alive and well, especially in the bar and restaurant industry. In fact, an attractive flyer of postcard in the mail could be the perfect foot-in-the-door for a new establishment or an effective reminder to revisit a neighborhood staple.

We can design promotional postcards, coupons, food and drink menus, and any other media you desire to fit the branding and personality of your bar!

Television Advertising

One of the Most Effective Ways to Advertise

A picture if worth a thousand words. By that logic, a video would be worth a couple million right?

Television advertising is an effective method to introduce your bar or restaurant or inform of an upcoming special or event.

When done correctly, a memorable television advertisement will result in word-of-mouth advertising and a favorable first impression of your business.

Trust Bar Synergy Group’s team of creative experts to design your next television advertisement and ensure that your business is coming across as favorable as possible.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, ect..


If any of these terms are unfamiliar, you need to brush up on your social media skills. Social media has become such a vital part for a businesses’ advertising presence, it’s just about as crucial as having a modern and attractive website.

Unfortunately, you can’t just create an account on ever social media service under the sun and expect the likes, shares, and follows to roll in. Effective social media advertising takes time, creativity, and effort.

And no two every social media platforms share the same advertising techniques and strategies. In fact, each one is like its own language. Lucky for you, Bar Synergy Group is fluent in all of them! We will evaluate your business model, target market, branding style, and long term goals and align them with the most appropriate social media strategy.

What’s not to “LIKE” about that?

Outdoor Advertising

Billboards, Posters, Bus Shelters, Benches...

One aspect all bars and restaurants unquestionably have in common – their target audience leaves the house! How else could they patron your establishment, right?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the next time they are out and about they see a billboard, banner stand, or bench advertisement with your logo and marketing message on it?

Bar Synergy Group can make it happen! Let us design an effective and memorable outdoor advertisement that will entice people to visit your establishment ASAP!

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